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its not right to set amount of tip by the amount of your total ticket without the concent of the coustmer. Iwill not use your place of business being the macaronigrill, bakersfield ca date 1/21/2011. I willbe sure to let other people I know obout how business is done at the macaronigrill,i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i ii i ii i i ii i i i i i i

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I guess if a restaruant deems that only 18% tip is necessary, then I shall tip only 18% and not the "expected" 20% or more.


Have you worked at a restaurant? Having more that eight people in your group requires the one server to bend over backwards in order to provide you with quality service.

The group gets caught up in conversation, laughs ( most of the time at the servers expense) do you really think its fair with how much they just busted their *** to end up with a five dollar tip? We have about thirty tables a night. We get less than minimum wage. I'm sorry if you have had bad servers before, but to take it out on the rest of us who are just trying to make rent this month while putting ourselves through school is unfair.

Most are great servers. And some are awful.

But do understand that those of us who care about our guests would be more than thrilled to provide you with excellent service. Because as much as most servers on want the money the rest of us want you to keep coming back and fully enjoy your time with us at good ol' Mac grill.


If you can't afford to appropriately tip, you can't afford to eat out.


The previous post is correct. As a matter of fact, the menu informs the guest that there will be 18% gratuity assigned to parties of 8 or more. All you have to do is read.


I Used to wait tables and if your group was a party of six or more most places add the tip in

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