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Hi my name is Isaac bell normally I don't this but truth must be told bout this horrible restautant. I've worked there for almost five months I came in on my days off I worked a whole month no day off because every time they needed me I was there I did everything prep dishwasher chef cook pantry pizza n grill I was getting no sleep because all the worker kept quitting since I've been there 21 employees have quit because it's racist mananger name Scott a gm Jerry who don't cares about nothing I was they best worker did everything and they refuse to give me a raise the manager curses at the employees always saying he don't give a *** im currently at the time is talking to my mom's lawyer about my situation. I lost my job even though I did everything because they wanted to use me have me working everywhere with no raise they fired me because I wasn't trained to open and they scheduled me to open I told the gm Jerry and he didn't care so I quit and left this place doesn't give a *** bout the employees I was they best worker and look how they treated me this restaurant is going down they didn't like me cuz I was professional always working and was talking *** about things that wasn't getting done I have picture of dirty water they was using to warm up pasta they have rats in the building the servers be touching the customers food with they bare hands just unacceptable and sad thing is I wanted to help get that restaurant back on track but they don't want great workers like me cause I'm professional and take my job seriously I honestly can say I cared more the managers but I refuse to let them do me like that I have no job because of them wen I'm never late never call in and always come in wen they needed me and this was they thank u and they lie to the Head man Doug so he's has no idea wats going on but he will cause I'm taking they *** to court how they racist *** did me

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